Save money and talk for hours!

Make free PC-to-PC calls around the world to friends on Yahoo Messenger.

Select a friend in your Contact list and click the Call button to get started. You and the friend you call both need Yahoo Messenger, plus a microphone and speakers (or headset). If you own a laptop, you probably have these tools already built-in.

Free PC-to-PC calls are unlimited and the quality is so good that you won't believe it's free! PC-to-PC calling is currently available in the following versions of Yahoo Messenger: Windows.

If your friend is not available, you can leave them a free voicemail. You can also receive voicemails from friends who miss you when they try to call. Voicemail messages are delivered as attachments in email to the address you choose.

Call regular and mobile phones too

Sign up for a Yahoo Voice Phone Out account to make calls from Yahoo Messenger to your friends' regular or mobile phones worldwide for as low as 1.9¢ a minute. Find out more.

Forward calls to your mobile or landline

If you don't want to miss calls, even when you're signed out, use the call forwarding feature to send incoming PC-to-PC calls to another phone number like your mobile phone (Yahoo Voice Phone Out account required). The call is still free for your caller, and you only pay the Yahoo Voice per minute rate for the forwarded call (as low as 1.9¢ a minute).

* PLEASE NOTE: Emergency services (including but not limited to services accessed via telephone numbers 999, 995 or 1777 in Singapore) currently cannot be accessed through the Yahoo Messenger software or the Phone Out by Yahoo Voice service. You must have and you must use a traditional landline (whether analog or digital) or mobile phone to access such emergency services. You must have Internet access and a compatible PC and supporting equipment to use Yahoo Messenger and the Phone Out by Yahoo Voice service. The Phone Out by Yahoo Voice service is provided by Yahoo Pte Ltd, and is open only to persons of legal age resident in Singapore. Please read the Software License Agreement and the Terms of Service applicable to Yahoo Messenger and the Phone Out by Yahoo Voice service respectively. Calls to mobile phones or other wireless devices may be charged at higher calling rates than calls to traditional landline (whether analog or digital) phones. Additional fees and taxes may apply. All rates, whether promotional or otherwise, for calls made using the Phone Out by Yahoo Voice service are subject to update or change from time to time in accordance with the applicable Terms of Service. Please see Yahoo's most current rate table at: http://sg.voice.yahoo.com/phone_rates.php. PC-PSTN calls are billed in one-minute increments. The duration of a call will be rounded up to the next minute, and calls less than one minute will be charged as one minute. PC-to-PC calling between Yahoo Messenger customers is free. Check with your internet service provider regarding any fees you will be charged to access the internet.