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Plug-ins are handy applications you can add to Yahoo Messenger for Windows (download - more info) to get news, play games, listen to music and more. Use plug-ins on your own or load a plug-in during an IM conversation for more fun sharing with your friends.

Multi-Language Yahoo Answers Plug-in

Yahoo Answers SEA Team

This updated Messenger Plug-in now lets you access six different Yahoo Answers right from Messenger. Search, browse and read questions and Answers from Vietnam, the Philippines, In… More info


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Yahoo Movies Plug In

Messenger Admin

Displays Yahoo Movies information like movies that are Now Showing and Coming Soon. More info


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Yahoo Việt Ký

Yahoo Vietnam

Yahoo Việt Ký - Hiểu Nhau Hơn. Tiện ích bổ trợ này giúp cho người dùng có thể gõ tiếng Việt có dấu để giao tiếp thuận tiện hơn, dễ hiểu… More info


52 Votes

Yahoo Avatars Space

Yahoo Messenger Team

[** Read on for information on how to run the plug-in **] Hang out in style with your virtual friends. Launch this plug-in to open a cool Avatars-only environment that you can cust… More info


360 Votes

Yahoo News

Yahoo Messenger Admin

Stay in the know with Yahoo News. Get the latest headlines from top news sources, blog and RSS feeds. Customize it to get the news you care about by adding or removing new sources,… More info


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Last post, news, article on - Nguyen Duc Canh High School, Thai Binh, Viet Nam… More info


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